Fitness & VO2 max test

On Saturday 9th of February 2013 I went down to PML the LAB in Oswestry. Here I had a full fitness test measuring body weight and fat etc, I also had a VO2 max test.

My body composition-
Age: 16years
Height: 177cm
Body mass: 57.6kg
Lean muscle mass: 9.1kg
Fat mass: 8.5kg
Body fat: 11.7%
My body fat percentage for the 16-34 classification was average. The staff at the lab told me that most endurance athletes have a percentage of 5-8% but considering only being 16 years old they said it was good.

The VO2 MAX test
Well this was an experience. The test lasted a total of 9 minutes on a watt bike, after a 20 minute “team sky warm up” the test begun. The test consisted of increasing my cadence by about 3rpm every minute starting at 73rpm, with the watt bike on level 5!
After completing the test and feeling physically sick afterwards I have just received my report!
My results are as follows:
Maximal Aerobic capacity score:-VO2 absolute (L.min-1): 3.51
-VO2 relative* ( 60.5
*VO2 relative score is my score divided by body weight.

From this I was given the advice to work hard at improving my absolute fitness. This involves working at zone 5&6- level 5 being 197bpm and above, and level 6 being 205bpm and above!! This is going to hurt….a lot! But no pain no gain!

My VO2 max was This means that at maximal exercise my body has the capacity to utilise 60.1ml of oxygen per kg of my body weight.

In the classification for men, age group 16-29 years my score places me in the ‘superior‘ category! Excellent being 51-55 and superior being a score of 56+! The staff at the lab told me that at my age my score and being in the superior category was extremely impressive but being 16 it can be increased, but it gives me a fantastic foundation to build upon!

After this test I had an awesome rebuild strength recovery drink from Herbalife! I felt great benefits from this shake as it helped me recover and would definitely recommend you buy some and give it a try!
To try these great herbalife products please get in touch with-
Nadia Fantastico

Thanks for reading!
Check back tomorrow evening as I will be writing about different training sessions from winter training to race season from national cycling coach Pete Read.




One thought on “Fitness & VO2 max test

  1. nadiActive

    Great reading Tom – I find these topics very interesting – your determination to excel is clear and I am delighted to know your finding my input has helped.
    My picture of my face would not upload so I just uploaded my 6 pack for the time being.


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