Transition from winter training to racing

Today Senior cycling coach with the association of British cycling coaches, Pete Read travelled down to my local cycling club to do a speech and a show us different turbo sessions to help with the transition from winter training into race season.

For the first half of the day we discussed heart rate levels, fuelling, aerodynamics and PPP (premature performance plateau).

I found the PPP very interesting as this is where your performance increases and peaks to early in the season, then your performance does not increase and stays the same or sometimes decreases. It is also caused because you are racing week in week out, your glycogen levels are low (empty tank) and as you get further through the season you are racing tired and your performance will not increase. I found this topic very interesting because this happened to me about half way through last season, I started to get down as I wasn’t improving, but after resting more in between races it helped me to improve again towards the end of the season and helped me to pull out my 25mile PB on the last race of the season doing a 1:00:25! So close to breaking the hour! In order to stop this you should start the season with a few days rest after each event and half your training-not reducing the intensity just the time! Until you get used to racing every weekend and you will be able to start increasing your training back to what you used to with your long rides etc on the weekends.

The second half today was very intense as we did a 2 hour turbo session incorporating all of the different sessions that should be done now to increase your speed. Some of these sets will be included in my turbos throughout the season to help keep my top end aerobically strong through the intervals just above my race pace.

Throughout this two hour turbo I was drinking a great supplement from Hebalife. I was drinking Prolong, this seriously helped me to perform better over a long period of time. After the session I had a rebuild endurance recovery shake that has helped my legs to recover after the session!
I seriously recommend you try Herbalife product as they really do help!
To buy some herbalife products or want any advise on them please contact-
Nadia Fantastico
Tel: 07870684341

Thanks for reading, I will be recovering tomorrow with a 65mile ride with the club, weather should be good, so go out and enjoy the sunshine or whatever the weather is like where you are on your bike or go for a run. My next blog will be next weekend after my first Time Trial of the 2013 season… A hilly 14miler!



One thought on “Transition from winter training to racing

  1. nadiActive

    Your script is full of great information and advice, not only does this show your fitness improvements- also showing that recording the information in such good detail can only help you to development even more. Furthermore this is a fantastic way for me to know your history and present achievements. I look forward to reading next weekends results. Good Luck !


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