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MSW 25mile TT

Well the week leading up to this event started well with a hard strength turbo and a good core workout (from Nadia Fantastico), but then on Wednesday I caught a horrible cold. It was getting better as the race got closer, but then when it came to race day i was still ill and I think I made the wrong decision to race.

Before the race i got on my turbo and begin my usual routine of warming up and drinking my Herbalife Prepare. Then with half an hour before my start time I got off the turbo and got myself ready for the 15 minute ride down to the start.

The race did not go as well as I had hoped but I think that would be down to being ill. I worked really hard on the way out to the half way turn around most of which into a tuff headwind. Once I had turned the pace was back on to try and get my time as close to the hour as possible. But on the way back my legs had gone an it felt very lethargic but I kept on working hard and finished with a time of 1hr 02minutes 58seconds. 2 seconds slower than last year whilst ill and in harder conditions.

After the race I had my Herbalife Rebuild recovery shake to help speed up my recovery.

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Check back next week as I will be turning this bad race around and do a good one. Next week I have a 10mile TT on Saturday and then on the Sunday I will be racing the rescheduled WC 10 mile TT.

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WC 10mile TT

Well the snow hit hard again this weekend which caused another time trial to be cancelled. So it was back to the turbo for some intense interval work…it made me feel ill! After the turbo i had a herbalife rebuild shake to help my recovery.

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Or Nadia Fantastico on or 07870684341.

Check back next week to read my race report on my 25mile TT. I will be trying to break the one hour barrier this time because at the last race of last season i PB’d at 1:00:25s on this course!


25 mile TT Cancelled

Well today’s 25mile TT was cancelled due to really bad winter weather. I was really looking forward to this race after coming off 3 back-to-back wins, but better to be safe than sorry!

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Next weeks blog will be about the west Cheshire 10mile TT where I am aiming to beat my personal best of 22:21!

Thanks Tom

Hawkstone Hilly TT

Today was the first race of the Parker international time trial series. The race was supposed to be a two lap 19 mile hilly tt but because of really bad weather conditions (sleet,snow and wind) it was shortened to a single lap 9.5mile hilly TT. My club mates and my 2up TT team member were there and there is always a rivalry about who will be the top man!

Well I got up this morning, looked outside and the roads were wet but it wasn’t raining…yet! As the morning went on the weather took a turn for the worst, the wind picked up and the sleet and snow began. I started my warm up like usual drinking my Herbalife Prepare whilst raising my heart rate so can I perform better. With 10 minutes to go until my start time I jumped off the turbo and headed to the start and on the way gained myself a new nickname of ‘anti-freeze’ because i was the only one wearing shorts in the freezing cold. I started two minutes behind one of the fast boys in my club with another 3 minutes behind me.

I was flying for the first few mile averaging 27mph but then the hills came along and took that speed away. I was working hard up every hill trying to gain every second I could on the competition. After going up the last hill I knew it was the final few miles and it was all downhill or flat. I was catching people and going past strong.

I was glad to finish. My chest and legs were burning, so I had a easy spin to cool down and saw my club mate who was 3 minutes behind finish, and he was finishing strong! I rode back to the HQ with my dad and friend to find out that I had won overall, finishing in a time of 24:35 and being the only rider to go under 25minutes!

I finished with a nice ride back home with dad and then drank my herbalife recovery shake and then It was the gruelling task of cleaning the beast (my bike).

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Thanks for reading guys! Check back next weekend to find out how i get on with the 25mile TT!


Weekend Racing

It’s been a good weekend on the time trialling scene!

Saturday 2nd – Wrekinsport Hilly 18
On Saturday I travelled down to Bridgnorth to compete in the Wrekinsport Hilly 18mile TT.

One hour before my start time I began drinking my Herbalife Prepare. 40minutes to go I got on to my turbo and began my warm up, constantly sipping my Herbalife drink. The prepare really helped, as it gave me the boost needed before my race. After raising my heart rate towards the end of my warm up I had a good feeling about the race. My legs felt good, the weather was great, warm…ish, dry but with a bit of a head wind for the first 9mile. 15 minutes until my start I got off the turbo changed my wheels helmet on and I started to make my way down to the start.

The race went well with the first half being hard with the headwind and hills. But once I turned at the 9mile mark it was time to fly! With a nice tailwind and a few nice downhills I was flying. Then with approximately 3mile to go I made the final sharp left turn at the roundabout, and it was time to head up the hardest hill of the race…the HERMITAGE! I felt strong going up and was spurred on by my Dad and being able to see my 4minute man. I began to hunt him down passing him just before the top. When I reached the top I knew it was time to wind it up, with a 2mile down hill back to the finish. Running out of gears on the downhill I felt confident of a good time. I got to the finish whilst being cheered on by my mum, I was glad the pain had ended.

After the race I got back on the turbo for my cool down and Herbalife Rebuild Endurance shake. After finishing this I went inside to see my results. I finished 18th/70riders, and 1st junior by over 4minutes. I had also improved by 3minutes over last years time!! Happy days.

When I got home and had my tea. My legs felt quite achey, so before bed I had a Herbalife Restore capsule to help reduce muscle inflammation and by the morning my legs felt nearly as good as new!

Sunday 3rd – 2-up TT

On Sunday it was a 10 mile 2up TT where I was competing with a fellow club mate. We both began our warm ups I was drinking my Herbalife Prepare to give me another boost. With 16 teams racing we both new it was going to be hard to win.

We made our way to the start. 10seconds to go and I knew we were one good ride away from our first victory of the year. We flew out of the blocks averaging 28mile an hour for the first 2mile. We were changing every 45seconds to 1minute to spread the effort evenly. We hunted down our two minute men and caught them within 5miles. With 4mile to go we got back on to the main road, we were steaming along. We turned at the roundabout with 1mile to go, at our max, my legs were beginning to die but I dug deep to keep the pace up.

When we got back to the HQ i drank my Herbalife Rebuild shake, and headed to the results table to find out how we got on. We WON! With our closest challenge over 30seconds behind!

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Nadia Fantastico

Check back next Sunday to find out how I got on at the Hawkstone Hilly 18mile TT!

Thanks for reading.