25 mile TT Cancelled

Well today’s 25mile TT was cancelled due to really bad winter weather. I was really looking forward to this race after coming off 3 back-to-back wins, but better to be safe than sorry!

For more information about Herbalife Products contact me on – garbett96@gmail.com
Or Nadia Fantastico on nadiactive@gmail.com or 07870684341.
All herbalife products are VAT free for 2 weeks starting on Monday 18th march.

Next weeks blog will be about the west Cheshire 10mile TT where I am aiming to beat my personal best of 22:21!

Thanks Tom


2 thoughts on “25 mile TT Cancelled

  1. nadiActive

    March 17th – I miss this blog – Happy that I read back all your stories. Will post green magic on thursday – I am looking for something else for you – I know I have it but where ??? is puzzlling me to where I have stored it


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