MSW 25mile TT

Well the week leading up to this event started well with a hard strength turbo and a good core workout (from Nadia Fantastico), but then on Wednesday I caught a horrible cold. It was getting better as the race got closer, but then when it came to race day i was still ill and I think I made the wrong decision to race.

Before the race i got on my turbo and begin my usual routine of warming up and drinking my Herbalife Prepare. Then with half an hour before my start time I got off the turbo and got myself ready for the 15 minute ride down to the start.

The race did not go as well as I had hoped but I think that would be down to being ill. I worked really hard on the way out to the half way turn around most of which into a tuff headwind. Once I had turned the pace was back on to try and get my time as close to the hour as possible. But on the way back my legs had gone an it felt very lethargic but I kept on working hard and finished with a time of 1hr 02minutes 58seconds. 2 seconds slower than last year whilst ill and in harder conditions.

After the race I had my Herbalife Rebuild recovery shake to help speed up my recovery.

For more information about Herbalife Products contact me on –
Or Nadia Fantastico on or 07870684341

Check back next week as I will be turning this bad race around and do a good one. Next week I have a 10mile TT on Saturday and then on the Sunday I will be racing the rescheduled WC 10 mile TT.

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