Back to back 10’s

This weekend I had challenging 10 mile TT’s, one on Saturday and one on Sunday! The racing went well as I still have the tail end of a cold…but no excuses!

Saturday 6th, SCCA 10 mile TT
Saturday was my first time trial of the weekend, it was on a lumpy out and back course with a swirling wind. As I arrived I started to drink my Herbalife Prepare, to help build up my energy, but when I went to sign on I was put into a gap in the field which reduced my time to get ready by 10minutes… Luckily I still had enough time to warm up.

The race was hard, with some really rough sections of road which makes you lose a lot of speed but I got through and finished in a time of 24:15, to get joint 7th with a club mate.

After the race I jumped off my bike and went for a short run in my new saucony grid type a5 shoes and loved them!
Then when I got back I had my Herbalife Recovery drink.

Sunday 7th, WC 10 mile TT
On Sunday it was a very early start with me off first. When we arrived it was bitterly cold and with only enough time for a warm up whilst drinking my herbalife prepare I was only just starting to feel my feet and fingers.

The race didn’t go a swell as I’d hoped but with tired legs from Saturday and the week prior and no one to hunt down on the open road it was good. I posted the exact same time as Saturday (24:15), the times were generally slower as the was a headwind on the outward leg. But I averaged roughly the same heart rates as Saturday so I was pleased.

After the race I did a 35mile bike home with my dad and uncle to get the miles in my legs for the 30 mile TT’s that are coming up. During the ride I was snacking on a herbalife protein bar and then when I got home I had another Herbalife rebuild recovery drink.

For more information about Herbalife Products contact me on –
Or Nadia Fantastico on or 07870684341

Check back next week when I will be racing the same 10mile TT as this Saturday, next Saturday and then on the Sunday I might be running a 10k race!




2 thoughts on “Back to back 10’s

  1. nadiActive

    Hello Tom – I left a messgae on March blog today – Did you get it? any way this cold thats hanging around – I am sending you an two extra things in the post they will come in a different post – You are a busy man and you need to be getting in enough vitamins & minerals and food so to fight the bugs away quiter than your body is doing just now. I also think you need to bring up legs sixe and power – Do you agree? tell me – how much of the training plans I gave you have you manage to do? I know school is demanding but I just want to know what your doing and not so I can help you get the legs that you need to advance. I do get asked alot from cyclist how to get better legs – maybe because my own legs are ver strong !!

    1. triathlontom Post author

      Yes i agree! I have done the core sets and the stretching but have not come round to doing the turbo because i have been doing some longer rides but it will probably be done next week.


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