A weekend of PB’s

It was a good weekend on the racing scene, with a good time trial on Saturday and 10k road race on Sunday.

Saturday 13th April
On Saturday it was race 2 of 3 of the SCCA 10mile TT and I was out to try and keep and extend my lead in the overall table.

I began my race routine with my usual Herbalife Prepare when on my turbo doing my warm up. I was warming up and was feeling good. The conditions were very challenging with a really strong gusty wind, which helped us on the first 5 mile out but was just a pain on the way back… and just to top it off it was raining!

The race went really well after a hard week of training. With me off number 20, I flew out of the start averaging 28.3mph on the outward leg catching my one and two minute men. But then I turned around and was heading back into the wind, which hurt…a lot! On the way back I caught my three and five minute men but my average speed had dropped to 25.8mph. I did the race at an average heart rate of 199bpm and a max of 203bpm, so I knew I had pushed myself to the max!

I finished with a time of 23:17 which was a course PB. This put me 4th overall, but it was very close at the top, with the winner 20seconds ahead of me and only 4seconds between me and second place! After this race I am still leading the overall standings in this series, which is the first time a junior has ever lead the series! After my race I had my Herbalife Rebuild to enhance my recovery, knowing I had a 10k running race the next day!


Sunday 14th April
On Sunday with the strong gusty wind still blowing I went to get a last minute entry in to 10k road running race! It was a 4 lap undulating course with steps to get down around a park.

With one hour to go before my race I began drinking my Herbalife Prepare and did a few laps of the beginning of the course to warm up. I went out today to break the 40minute 10k barrier, and in these conditions my confidence dropped slightly but that was still my aim!

I found the race very tough with the majority of the course into a strong head or diagonal wind. But I pushed through getting an even time over each of the four laps. This took me to 39:08minute 10k, I was really happy to do this time in the hard conditions and having raced the day before!

After the race I had another Herbalife Rebuild to help my recovery. These Herbalife products must be working!! Two PB’s in two days!

For more information about Herbalife Products contact me on – garbett96@gmail.com
Or Nadia Fantastico on nadiactive@gmail.com or 07870684341



3 thoughts on “A weekend of PB’s

  1. IowaTriBob

    Wow excellent times, especially with the gusts! I’ve just started biking (still a long ways to go to reach anything near your TT output – right now I’m averaging around 21.5 mph in last race). In addition to the Herbalife I’m sure a lot of training takes place (BTW if there are any samples available I’d love to try them)…

  2. nadiActive

    Hi Tom, Sounds as if you are feeling well again, Congratulations on the PB and close call at the finishing line! to top it off first junior to lead, This is exciting news I love reading about, well done again.
    P.S my partner thinks he has the straps at his work so once he remembers to bring them home ,I shall box them with the Green Magic and post out to you.
    Nadia Fantastico


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