Bad day turns good!

On Saturday I competed in the 3rd SCCA 10 mile TT. I knew in this race I had to put in a good finish to keep hold of my overall competition lead. The conditions were tough with a blustery cross wind. With the team organising the event not showing up, the time keepers went and got some numbers so the race could go on. It started 30minutes late which shuck up my race routine, but I managed drinking my Herbalife prepare whilst on my turbo warming up.

Then before the start I went for a little ride to see if everything was ok…And at this time it was. I started the race well and strong but when I got about a quarter of the way through the race I hit a real rough section of road which knocked my disc wheel slightly out of place meaning it was occasionally touching the brakes. I carried on and nearly got hit by two cars who were overtaking a tractor. Then when I crossed the finish line there was a massive clatter and my disc wheel had fully come out of the rear dropouts and was resting just on the chain stays of my frame.

When I walked back to the car I had my Herbalife recovery shake so that I could recover well before Sundays 30mile TT. When looking back at the race I expected a bad result, finishing way down the field, but when the results came up online I had actually finished 3rd with a time of 24:18, 2minutes down on the winner.

Then before I went to bed I had a Herbalife restore capsule that helps to reduce and muscle tiredness and inflammation.

WC 30m TT
On Sunday it was down to my local course to compete in the west cheshire 30mile TT. I knew I had a time of 1:14:20 to beat, this was going to be hard but it was something to aim for.

I did not do a warm up in the turbo at this race because I had a 30minute ride to the start so I did my efforts on the way, still drinking my Herbalife prepare I was ready to race. With my uncle off 8minutes before me I had someone to hunt down. I started well, trying to stay relaxed and comfortable because I had 30miles to time trial. With an awkward wind, there was not much help but I managed to catch my uncle at about the 17mile mark. I had a gel and then some more Herbalife that I took on the course and knew I was over half way and if I wanted to PB I was going to have to push myself until my legs couldn’t go no more.

I finished the race in a time of 1:13:01, which is a 1minute 19second PB and average a speed of 24.7mph and an average heart rate of 195bpm, so I knew I was at my threshold. After the race I had another Herbalife rebuild to help my recovery.

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2 thoughts on “Bad day turns good!

  1. nadiActive

    Hi Tom – well that was nail biting reading , first the bike then nearly being knocked over by 2 car.
    Results were great ! 2 minutes from winning and a PB…. Happy Days ! how are the exams going ?


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