Run Forest Run!

This week consisted of two running races as there was no time trials about. Firstly I had a mid week fell race, and then on Saturday took part in the Telford ParkRun.

Wednesday 24th
On Wednesday evening I raced the first race of the summer evening fell series. The race was at the Wrekin, and started at the bottom. We then had to race to the top and back down again, in total the race was 2.7miles of pain.

On the journey down to the race I was drinking my Herbalife prepare to give me a solid boost before the race. An hour before the race I went for a four mile warm up, up and around the hill I was about to battle against.

Then it was time to race. With 91 competitors on the start line and the advise my dad had given me to ‘pace myself!’ I knew it was going to hurt. The hill was steep and long with the occasional levelling off which gave me the chance to pick up some speed. I got to the top and knew the worst bit was over and it was time to have some fun! I flew down the hill passing lots of people suffering still going up, and was even starting to catch up to the proper fell runners.

Overall I finished 13th in 21:02 and was second in the under 18 category to a GB cross country runner. I was happy with my result as this was my first proper fell race racing against the fast boys. After the race I went for a short two mile jog whilst drinking my Herbalife recovery drink to cool down.

Saturday 27th
Then with my hips and ankles still aching slightly from the impact of running down hill, I took part in the Telford ParkRun.

To warm up me and my dad ran the small loop of the course. I was drinking my Herbalife prepare on the ride down and during the warm up. Seeing some familiar faces around the start line I knew that this was going to be a fast and hard race to keep up with them.

Race Time. I was at the front of the other 160 competitors on the start line so that I didn’t get stuck behind anybody. The gun went, and we were off. The pace was high from the off, and I got myself into a small group of four runners to help shelter me from the windy conditions. I kept in the group for over half of the race and then my legs started to tire and I couldn’t hold on for much longer. But I did keep them in my sights and was slowly reeling them back in towards the finish.

I finished 4th overall with a PB of 17:44 on a hard, slower day. I finished the morning off with another Herbalife rebuild to help with my recovery.

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Check back next weekend to read my race report from the first evening 10mile TT of the series and the tough Horwich Triathlon!




3 thoughts on “Run Forest Run!

  1. nadiActive

    I am puffed out just reading that – I looked forward to reading your results every weekend Tom – You always push yourself even when its sore ! I am impressed ! – Remember to take your Herbalife restore and into a cold water bath…. Have the straps arrived ? let me know if you need anything else from me….. Off to Gran Canaria on Thursday – Yipeeeeeee.


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