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Snowdonia Slateman Sprint triathlon

Early this morning I travelled down to Llanberis to take part in the Snowdonia Slateman sprint distance triathlon. The race consisted of a 400m open water swim in Llyn Padarn, then a 20k bike up the gruelling Pen-y-pas hill, over the top, down to the bottom turn around and all of the way back and then a 6k run up and around the Slate quarries.

Before the race I registered nice and early and was drinking my Herbalife Prepare, I got a feel for the run from the water to transition and then out on to the road for my bike. I racked my bike and all equipment needed. I was racked next to 2 under 23 triathletes, one of which was a competitive international welsh triathlete and the other racing for Team Triathlon Europe. So I knew it was going to be a tough competition.

The Swim and T1
Llyn Padarn was measured at 11.3degrees…at the edge, the middle was a lot colder. I slowly walked into the water trying to acclimatise myself, but it didn’t really change the fact I was freezing. I then got to the start surrounded by 140 other competitors. The start was like a massive free for all arms and legs flying everywhere, but I managed to get myself up at the front and sat in 4th position. I got out of the water in 4th just behind the Triathlon Europe athlete and began the long run into transition, I had quite a slow transition as I struggled to get my wetsuit off but once off, my shoes and helmet were on and I was gone. I exited transition in 3rd 1minute 45seconds down on the leader.

20130519-202624.jpg Me getting the upper half of my wetsuit off during the run to T1

The Bike and T2
I shot out of T1 and went out hard at the beginning of the bike, slowly I was reeling in the leader. A quarter of the way up the climb I had caught up my 1:45 deficit, I pushed hard and went past the second place athlete and then opened up a big gap by the top of the hill. I was now sitting in second place and the new leader was riding at the same speed as me and it stayed that way the whole ride. I got over the top of the hill and down the other side, I then continued for another half a mile and got to the turnaround meeting the leader on the way as he was heading back up. I turned well and began climbing back over the killer hill, but then I saw a rival I had already over taken turning around half way down the hill, about a mile from the turn around. I caught him again, but kept my mouth shut instead of losing my temper because of him cheating. He then stayed with me for the rest of the ride and I caught another sprint competitor, another that had turned half way down as the leader was still around 2 minutes in front. I flew back down the hill maxing out at 43mph and had opened up a 20second gap to the lad behind me. I completed the whole bike in a time of 41:07. I got into transition for the final time I got my shoes on smoothly and as I left, the two that turned around early were entering T2. I left T2 in 2nd place.

20130519-202852.jpg Me just coming in off the bike, just before T2.

The Run
I knew that some of the other competitors were really good runners so I had to give it my all if I wanted a good position overall. I began strong and ran up the switch backs and could see my fellow competitors down the hill. I was overtaken by one person at the start of the run but I kept working hard and pushed all of the way. I got to the top of the hill still in 3rd but I had a feeling the others were trying to hunt me down. They didn’t, I managed to stay in 3rd for the whole run and also managed to take 2minutes out of the next person to finish. I finished the race in 3rd overall and was the first under 23!

20130519-203025.jpg Me finishing the race strong!

After the race I had another Herbalife rebuild to assist my recovery! And then waited for the prize presentation. This was my first senior triathlon podium finish!


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Check back in two weeks (2nd June) as I am racing deva triathlon where I hope to qualify for the world championships. Thanks for reading!



Things are looking good!

This weekend I was back to racing back to back time trials, with a 10 mile TT on Saturday and then a 25 on Sunday. I knew this weekend was going to be tough with the strong gusty winds but my Herbalife products came to the rescue and helped me to perform on both days.

Saturday 11th 10mile TT
On Saturday I travelled down to Ludlow to compete in the 10mile TT. The weather was a big factor in the time trial with a seriously strong gusty, swirling wind….oh and rain! I warmed up like usual drinking my Herbalife prepare and raising my heart rate up to race pace so I didn’t have a shock at the start!

The wind picked up throughout the day and I was off towards the end of the race so I knew it was going to be hard. I started the race hard with a nice 1mile downhill to start, I kept a good average speed up until about the 5mile mark where I hit the bottom of Sheet Hill. I climbed the hill up to the roundabout strong but my speed dropped a lot to 25.5mph average. This made me work even harder to get my average back up to 26mph average. I finished the race at an average of 26.2mph which gave me a finishing time of 22:56. I was very pleased with this time as this was my first time dipping under the 23minute barrier this year.

After the race I had my Herbalife rebuild to help my recovery ahead of Sundays 25. Also before I went to bed I took a Herbalife restore capsule which reduces inflammation in muscles which assisted my recovery even more.

Sunday 12th 25mile TT
Then I had my clubs 25mile TT on my local course on Sunday. The wind had died down slightly from yesterday but it was still quite blustery. My legs had recovered well and I was ready to race, I knew in my mind I had to get the ‘under the hour 25mile’ monkey off my back, so I had to give it my all.

It was an early start so it was still a bit chilly, but this wasn’t going to stop me. I did a short warm up drinking Herbalife Prepare before my 15minute ride to the start. I had no minute man to hunt down as he had a puncture so this meant I could only hunt down those in front, so I did what had to be done. I went out strong averaging 25.1mph at the turnaround point. I then had to dig really deep into the tank to keep this up to break the one hour barrier. I pushed hard into the wind and by the end, I finished with an average speed of 25.2mph. This meant I had got a PB with a time of 59:36, I was really pleased and got lots of congratulations from my family and friends. I had an average heart rate of 196bpm and a max of 201 so I knew I couldn’t of gone any harder!

After the race I had another Herbalife Rebuild, this will help me to get back into training hard again this week ahead of my second biggest triathlon on Sunday, the Snowdonia Slateman.

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Thanks for reading, check back next weekend as I will be racing a hilly 18mile TT on Wednesday and then racing Snowdonia Slateman triathlon on Sunday!


Horwich Triathlon 2013

On Sunday the 5th May I travelled up to Horwich near Bolton to take part in the tough Horwich ‘race to the pike’ triathlon. The race consisted of a 500m swim in a pool, 40km hilly bike and a 8.6km run, which went to top of the Rivington pike and back down again.

Pre Race
On the hour and a half journey up to the race the rain started to pour down and the mist was low, the race didn’t look very good. When we got there we drove the bike course to get a feel for the challenge that faced me. The road surface was not good with big pot holes everywhere. Once we got back to the leisure centre the rain had eased off and the sun was beginning to peak through the clouds. I registered and got my number and a nice race t shirt, and then got my kit set up and took it down to transition. I was racked next to some very nice bikes, but I think my bright green bike stood out from the crowd. One hour before my start I began drinking my Herbalife Prepare to give me good boost.

The Swim and run to T1
The swim was 500m in a pool with two other swimmers in my lane. I was in the penultimate wave which meant I had some very fast boys with me and in the wave behind me including pro athlete Paul Hawkins! The swim went well, I lapped the others in my lane and was out of the water first in my wave, this meant that if anyone came past me they were beating me. Once out of the water I began the 200m run to T1. I completed the swim and run to T1 in a time of 8:21 which gave me the 4th/5th fastest swim split.

The Bike and T1
Then I was in T1 and I got my shoes, helmet and race belt on smoothly, I had lost no places during transition. Then as I was running out of transition I saw my competitors running in. Once out of T1 I began the 40km hilly ride carrying Herbalife Prolong on my bike to keep my energy up for the whole duration of the race. The course went up, up and up before a big super fast descent with a few hairpins along the way. The ride then continued with no flat parts, it was either up or down with the later part having more steep sharp climbs and descents. I pushed hard uphill and down, dodging potholes everywhere. The experienced cyclists from my wave were slowly reigning me in, in the very early stages. But as the ride went on my time trialling ability came into play and I was opening the gap. The gap started at 1:30 out of the water but had opened a lot by the time I had got back in off the bike. I came into the second transition still leading my wave and was getting some big cheers from the family and supporters at the entry to T2/finish line, this spurred me on! I had done the bike and T1 in a time of 1:06:20 this gave me the 10th fastest split!

Photo courtesy of

The Run and T2
Once in T2 I efficiently got my race shoes on and I was gone. I didn’t see any people from my wave as I ran out but I knew I had to push hard all 4km to the top of the hill if I wanted to finish high up the field. I began the run strong on the easier part of the climb and was overtaking competitors from the
earlier waves. Then the hill got steep, there was a fair few supporters out cheering all of the competitors on which was great and really gives you a boost. My legs were very heavy and aching from the killer bike when I got to the top. I then had to negotiate myself back down the hill and back to the finish. I reeled in some more competitors and still hadn’t been overtaken by any people from my wave. I flew down the hill and was then back onto the road for the final part of the run, I dug in with tired legs and finished strong getting cheered in all of the way! I had finished the run and T2 in a time of 39:52 which was a few minutes down on the winning time.

Photo courtesy of

Overall I had finished the race in 9th position! I was really pleased with my effort and it was some great race preparation for Snowdonia Slateman in two weeks. After the race I had my Herbalife Rebuild to aid my recovery and was getting congratulated for a great performance as I walked through some of the spectators…I felt like a pro! I was the only 16 year old in the whole race and was the first under 20 by over 35minutes!

I would like to say a massive thank you to for the great photographs of the race, and to Nadia Fantastico/Herbalife for the great drinks!

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Check back next weekend as I have got two time trials and a fell race this week!