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Why you shouldn’t race too soon after illness

This week I was supposed to compete in a 10mile TT on Saturday and then a double sprint triathlon on the Sunday. But I managed to catch a stomach bug from somewhere, either last weeks race or maybe swimming during the week. So I decided not to race on Saturday so I don’t make myself even worse for Sunday, this helped but not fully. So I went to race the double sprint triathlon, distances of a 1500m open water swim, 54k bike and then a 10k run, but the swim had to be cancelled due to infections in the water, and it was changed to a duathlon, with distances of a 5k run, 54k bike and then the 10k run.

The run course was a 5k loop, mainly off road with a large hill in the middle. Whereas the bike was a 27k undulating loop. We didn’t arrive in enough time to go and take a look at the course so it was just down to taking it as it comes. Before the race I drank my Herbalife prepare and did a short warm up ahead of the 5k first run.

I went off hard for the first mile, and then began to go backwards when I got to the hill but I kept the pace high and got into T1 in the top 10. I got my bike shoes on and it was out on to the bike, it was a really unusual feeling biking after running but I gave myself a few miles to get in to my rhythm. I then raised the pace and began closing in on the competitors in front. After losing my water bottle with my Herbalife drink in half way around the first loop,I was just down to gels I hadn’t used before until I finished the first loop, where there was a drink station and they were handing out bottles of what I thought was water. It wasn’t it was a product from USN, so I didn’t know how my body was going to cope with using all of these different products but I kept on pushing and came into T2 in the top 5.

I then went out onto the run, already with an uncomfortable stomach but just to add to it products from 3 different companies and water in it too. As soon as I began running I was already being chased down by someone who came into T2 right behind me. But I kept running my own race and was caught by 3 runners in the first lap, I stayed close to the 3rd for a while but then when I got onto the second lap my stomach turned and it was seriously uncomfortable. I was heaving and throwing up a few times on that lap which wasn’t nice. I managed to finish just inside the top 10 which I was pleased with considering how I felt. As well as a top 10 finish I won the junior category.

I now know that I shouldn’t race so close after being ill and will be looking at changing my bottle cage so that I do not lose my Herbalife drink again.

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Next week if I’m feeling good enough I will be competing in championship 25mile TT on Wednesday and then a 25mile TT on the Sunday.

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Last minute entries…

This week I said that I had a, 30m TT, a 19m TT and a 10 but I had got the dates wrong. I didn’t have a 10m TT after all that is next weekend. So this left me with an empty weekend so I did a last minute entry into Cholmondeley Castle mid distance triathlon.

Tuesday 18th 30m TT
On Tuesday I competed in a 30mile TT, the conditions were good in some ways and not so good in others, there was very little wind which was a good thing but it was very humid, so in an aero helmet it was very hot and my visor was steaming up and couldn’t see for the majority of the race!

I warmed up using my Herbalife Prepare, doing a shorter warmup than usual as it was quite a long time trial and I didn’t want to tire myself out. Shortly after it was time to start, with an average speed of 25mph in mind to try and keep to get a PB I knew I couldn’t start off too fast otherwise I would have nothing left for the rest of the race. I began well and then my 15minute timer for my gel and water went off and after having my gel I reached back to get my drink, and there was nothing there… My water bottle had bounced out from behind my seat over the rough section of road at around 3mile, so now I knew I would have to pace myself with only 3 energy gels to keep me going the whole race.

I finished strong with my average speed at 25mph which meant I had pb’d by 39seconds, with a time of 1:12:22. This meant I had finished 6th overall which I was very pleased with. After the race I had another Herbalife rebuild to help my recovery!

Friday 21st 19mile hilly TT
On Friday I competed in a 19mile TT, the conditions were pretty good with it being dry but with quite a strong wind.

I warmed up again using my Herbalife prepare. Then it was time to race. The course consisted of 7miles flat, then 9miles out and back on an undulating road which consisted of a 1mile pretty steep climb that we had to go over twice, just to make it interesting. And then finished with a 3mile flat section!

I rode well and climbed the hills strong and descended fast with a max speed of 47mph… Lucky I didn’t go into a speed wobble or that would of hurt! I finished strong with my average speed at 23.9 mph which meant I had pb’d by over a minute, with a time of 46:58. This meant I had finished 5th overall which I was very pleased with. After the race I had another Herbalife rebuild to help my recovery!

Sunday 23rd Cholmondeley castle triathlon
With a last minute entry I didn’t know what to expect and so used this race as a good training day. The distances were 800m swim, 44km bike and then a 8km run. My race plan given by my dad/coach was to go hard in the swim, get round the bike safely and then hammer the run and see what time I can do. There were torrential conditions with high winds and lots of rain meaning the roads on the bike were really slick and dangerous.

I did what I had to do, I pushed the swim hard and exited the water in second place by a couple of seconds. The water was not nice I couldn’t even see my hand in front of me the lake was that dirty but it was nice and warm for a change. I quickly slipped my wetsuit off and I was gone.

The bike was split into two laps with some real rough sections and road chippings washed all over the road in places which made the descents very dangerous. I rode strong on the flats and up the hills but then didn’t descend like a nutter as I didn’t want to come off and hurt myself ahead of next weeks triathlon. I was overtaken by one man on the bike who descended really quickly but I wasn’t going to risk it and carried on with my own race. I had lost a couple of minutes on the bike to the two leaders. I was then into t2 which didn’t go smoothly I couldn’t get my shoes on and my hands were cold but eventually they were on and off I went.

I went off hard for the first km of the run and then settled into my pace. I kept a high pace for the whole run and for the first time didn’t get overtaken by anyone! I did a run split of 29:21 for the 8km and I was really pleased with it.

After the race I had my Herbalife Rebuild and then got onto the podium to collect my voucher and 3rd place trophy!

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Check back next weekend as I have a 10m TT on Saturday and then an Olympic distance triathlon on Sunday!


Doing the double

This week I competed in three time trials, one on Wednesday and the other two on Saturday…back to back with a 20minute spin in between both 10’s.

Wednesday 12th, Hafren CC 10
On Wednesday I competed in the hafren cc 10 on a potentially fast course but this night was not really fast. It had a strong tailwind out and a speed destroying headwind on the way back.

Before the race I drank my herbalife prepare and got my number pinned on, I started one minute behind a fast junior so I knew I had to hold my own on the outward leg and then make up as much time as possible in to the strong headwind.

I went out fast and at the turnaround was averaging 28mph and I could see the junior in the distance. I turned and was hit by the wind and my speed dropped dramatically. I was slowly closing in on the junior but never caught him and by the end I had caught 30seconds on him. I had finished 5th overall in a time of 23:43.

Then after the race I drank my herbalife rebuild to help my recovery.

Saturday 15th, two 10mile TT’s
On Saturday I competed in a junior regional championship and national qualifier and then I had another 10 20minutes after which was a county championship.

Before the race I drank another herbalife prepare and pinned my first number on, number 13. I was last off in the junior race and I had some competition with some fast juniors there that do a lot of road racing. The wind was very similar to Wednesday with a strong cross/tailwind and a head wind back.

I went out fast but by 3.5miles I was already 10seconds down on one of the juniors. I kept strong and didn’t get disheartened and turned well and it was straight back into a strong headwind, I pushed hard and my long distance time trialling was coming into play. I pulled back lost seconds and finished in a time of 23:15.

I didn’t have time to go and look at the results as it was back onto the turbo for a 15minute spin and my number was changed to number 65. And then it was back to the start line for my second 10.

The wind had changed and it wasn’t that helpful on the way out but was once again really hard on the way back. This was an odd experience and knew I wasn’t going to go as fast as the first 10, but it was just how close I could get.

I didn’t go out as fast as the first 10 as I knew how hard the returning leg was going to be. But I pushed hard and pushed hard on the way back trying to keep my minute man from overtaking me, and I did…just. I finished the second 10 in a time of 23:50, so I was pleased to be able to keep both in the 23 minutes. (It’s all good triathlon and long distance TT practice anyway)

After this I had my herbalife rebuild and headed to the HQ to see where I had finished. In the junior race I had managed to gain my lost seconds but not take any more out and had finished equal first overall. This meant that I had qualified for the national final. Then in the county champs I was first junior and 9th overall.

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Check back next week as I have a 30mile TT on Tuesday, a hilly 19 mile TT on Friday and then a 10 mile TT on Saturday.


Going longer.

This week I had planned to compete in 3 time trials over the week but due to a day of constantly being sick, I think due to the river from deva triathlon on Sunday, this changed to 2. I competed in a 10 mile on Tuesday and my longest ever time trial, a 50 mile on Sunday.

Tuesday 4th 10mile TT
On Tuesday I had a 10mile time trial consisting of 6 roundabouts on the out and back course. This meant the course wasn’t super quick but there was some fast times there.

The day before the race I had to have some Herbalife Green Magic to help give me as much nutrients as possible to get rid of this bug. By Tuesday I felt tired and quite good but the race tells a different story.

Before the race I had my Herbalife Prepare during my warm up. After my warm up I put the race wheels on and I was ready to race. With no Garmin on my bike (forgot it…) it was all down to how I felt and was an all out effort over the whole 10miles. From the off I felt quite lethargic and my legs were tired from Sunday’s tri but I pushed on hard to finish 7th overall in a time of 24minutes.

This meant that I had clawed back some points in the series to first overall but I have still got some work to do if I have any chance of winning the series. After the race I had my Herbalife Rebuild to aid my recovery.

Sunday 9th 50mile TT
During the remainder of the week I did some easy runs to try and recover my legs but by Saturday they were still slightly tired but that wasn’t going to stop me. On Sunday I had my first ever 50 mile time trial, this was the longest time trial I had ever done so I didn’t know what to expect.

The hour before the race I had my Herbalife Prepare to give a good boost, and then I was ready to go to the start. The 15 minute ride to the start was my warm up. With my aim to go under 2hours 10 for my first attempt I knew I had to hold an average of 23mph.

I think I may have gone out slightly to hard as my heart rate was at my 10mile pace but that soon dropped when I knew I had 45mile to go. Once into my rhythm I sat well at 23.8mph feeling strong for the first 30mile. I then found it tough for the next 10 with the road really bad and potholes everywhere I couldn’t get my speed up. By this time I was starting to hurt in places but after a bit of standing up I was back to riding strong. After this rough patch my average speed had dropped to 23.5mph and I was not going to let this drop. Then I was into the final 10 mile I knew I had nothing to lose so I put the hammer down and pushed hard with my heart rate rising again but my average speed wasn’t, I think this was because the returning leg was uphill.

I finished strong and with a time of 2:07:46, just over 2minutes faster than my target so I was really happy and now have something to beat at the next one… Yes for some strange reason I will be putting my body through the pain of two hours again, but I guess time flies when your having fun!

After the race I road back to the HQ as my cool down and drank my Herbalife rebuild to help with my recovery as my training ramps up in the next few weeks with the countdown to London beginning.


For more information on Herbalife products please contact me on – or Nadia Fantastico on , 07870684341 or, you really should try them out as I have really seen the the benefits!

Check back next weekend as I will be competing in a 10mile TT on Wednesday and then on Saturday I will be competing in the junior national 10mile qualifier and then doing another 10mile TT on the same course for the SCCA series straight after it!
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Deva standard triathlon

This morning (2nd June) I woke up at 4:00am to eat breakfast ahead of my 7:00am start time for my first ever olympic distance Triathlon, Deva. But to also top it off I was out to qualify for the ITU world age group championships that will be held in London in September. To qualify I had to finish top 5 in the under20 category. There were 8 other competitors wanting to get these qualifying slots so I knew it was going to be tough, because I was the youngest there, 16, and I was competing against five 19year olds and three 18year olds.

Pre Race
We arrived in chester at 5:30am, this meant I had plenty of time to stick on my race number tattoos and rack my bike in transition. My race number was number 1 so this meant I had a good position in transition, not too far from the swim and right in front of the bike in entrance. At 6:00 I had one hour before my start so I began drinking my Herbalife prepare. And then after getting ready it was time to race!

Swim and T1
The swim was 1500m, 850m of which was upstream in the river dee and the remaining downstream, this meant the swim times weren’t as fast as usual! I knew some of the guys in the under 20 cat were very good swimmers so I would have to work hard and then play to my strengths on the bike! I jumped into the 14 degree river which was pretty cold at first but once we were off it was no problem. With a 7:00am start the sun was pretty low which made it quite difficult to sight where the buoys were. The swim was brutal and I got kicked in the face a few times but I kept on swimming hard. I finished the swim strong and headed into T1 5th under 20 and 30seconds behind the leader of the 17-18year old age group. I managed to kick my wetsuit off pretty quickly without many problems and then it was helmet and shoes on and I was off.

Bike and T2
It was a 40k undulating bike course with a few sharp digs in it. I went off comfortably so that my legs had time to warm up and then it was time to hammer it! I carried another bottle of Herbalife with me to keep my energy levels high, 5miles into the ride I was now leading the 17-18 category and knew I had to push hard if I wanted it to stay that way. Then at 25km I had caught another 2:30minutes on the third placed under 20 and went past him strong and soon made a big gap. I had a niggling stitch all the way round on the bike but i kept pushing hard but i knew the run was going to hurt after it. At 35km I had past the second placed under 20 which meant I had caught around 3 or 4minutes on him, but i couldn’t break him and he kept me in his sights for the remaining 5k. I finished the bike in a total time of 1hour 4minutes which included the run from T1 and long run into T2. I got into T2 racked my bike put my running shoes on grabbed a gel and I was gone, but I had been overtaken in transition by an under 20 athlete, this left me third under 20 but first 17-18 year old and I had around a 5 minute gap to the next athlete in my category, meaning i had taken around 7minutes out of them on the bike. I knew these time trials would pay off someday!

This is where my race began to go down hill. The run was a 10km lumpy mixed terrain course, I couldn’t keep with the second placed under 20 and was suffering with severe stitch from the very beginning of the run, to around three quarters of it. I tried to keep running but eventually had to stop and stretch my stomach to try and get rid of it. The run didn’t go as well as I had planned but by the end had only lost 1minute 30 to the second placed junior and gained another minute on the athletes behind me. I finished strong and kept my third place in the under 20 category and my lead in the 17-18 category. This meant that I had qualified for the age group world championship! And also earned myself a £50 voucher for Eureka Cycles for winning the 17-18 cat. Not bad for my first ever race at this distance.
I enjoyed this race and now know where I am going to make the improvements needed to reach the level I expect from myself when I represent my country in London.

After the race I had a Herbalife rebuild to help my recovery as I have another busy week of time trials starting Tuesday.
I will post some photos when I get them.

For more information on Herbalife products please contact me on – or Nadia Fantastico on , 07870684341 or

Check back next weekend as I have a 10mile TT on Tuesday, my club 10 on Wednesday and then my first ever 50mile TT on Sunday!