Going longer.

This week I had planned to compete in 3 time trials over the week but due to a day of constantly being sick, I think due to the river from deva triathlon on Sunday, this changed to 2. I competed in a 10 mile on Tuesday and my longest ever time trial, a 50 mile on Sunday.

Tuesday 4th 10mile TT
On Tuesday I had a 10mile time trial consisting of 6 roundabouts on the out and back course. This meant the course wasn’t super quick but there was some fast times there.

The day before the race I had to have some Herbalife Green Magic to help give me as much nutrients as possible to get rid of this bug. By Tuesday I felt tired and quite good but the race tells a different story.

Before the race I had my Herbalife Prepare during my warm up. After my warm up I put the race wheels on and I was ready to race. With no Garmin on my bike (forgot it…) it was all down to how I felt and was an all out effort over the whole 10miles. From the off I felt quite lethargic and my legs were tired from Sunday’s tri but I pushed on hard to finish 7th overall in a time of 24minutes.

This meant that I had clawed back some points in the series to first overall but I have still got some work to do if I have any chance of winning the series. After the race I had my Herbalife Rebuild to aid my recovery.

Sunday 9th 50mile TT
During the remainder of the week I did some easy runs to try and recover my legs but by Saturday they were still slightly tired but that wasn’t going to stop me. On Sunday I had my first ever 50 mile time trial, this was the longest time trial I had ever done so I didn’t know what to expect.

The hour before the race I had my Herbalife Prepare to give a good boost, and then I was ready to go to the start. The 15 minute ride to the start was my warm up. With my aim to go under 2hours 10 for my first attempt I knew I had to hold an average of 23mph.

I think I may have gone out slightly to hard as my heart rate was at my 10mile pace but that soon dropped when I knew I had 45mile to go. Once into my rhythm I sat well at 23.8mph feeling strong for the first 30mile. I then found it tough for the next 10 with the road really bad and potholes everywhere I couldn’t get my speed up. By this time I was starting to hurt in places but after a bit of standing up I was back to riding strong. After this rough patch my average speed had dropped to 23.5mph and I was not going to let this drop. Then I was into the final 10 mile I knew I had nothing to lose so I put the hammer down and pushed hard with my heart rate rising again but my average speed wasn’t, I think this was because the returning leg was uphill.

I finished strong and with a time of 2:07:46, just over 2minutes faster than my target so I was really happy and now have something to beat at the next one… Yes for some strange reason I will be putting my body through the pain of two hours again, but I guess time flies when your having fun!

After the race I road back to the HQ as my cool down and drank my Herbalife rebuild to help with my recovery as my training ramps up in the next few weeks with the countdown to London beginning.


For more information on Herbalife products please contact me on – garbett96@gmail.com or Nadia Fantastico on nadiactive@gmail.com , 07870684341 or http://herbal-nutrition.net/nadiafanta, you really should try them out as I have really seen the the benefits!

Check back next weekend as I will be competing in a 10mile TT on Wednesday and then on Saturday I will be competing in the junior national 10mile qualifier and then doing another 10mile TT on the same course for the SCCA series straight after it!
Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Going longer.

  1. nadiActive

    Magic Formula & HARD work took you to the end – Very pleased for you AGAIN ! did you products arrive ? My good news is – I came in 3rd place and qualified at the BNBF – British Natural Body Foundation and heading to the final in September….. baring in mind I only trained for 3 months for Sundays competition and had no experience what’s so ever in body competitions – I am well chuffed – NOW I will be serious for the final – Herbalife 24 was my nutrition along with balanced good foods and treats


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